Project MOM (Mother on a Mission)

Brittany Stark

Brittany Stark has been gone almost as long as she lived.  But she touched so many hearts during her young life and continues to do so today.  Born July 31, 1984, Brittany’s ‘heaven date,’ as her mom calls it, was Aug. 17,1998.

At the age of 14, Brittany died waiting for a heart transplant that never came. In her memory and honor, Mom Kathleen is riding a bike 620 miles from San Francisco to San Diego to raise awareness about the importance of registering as a donor. She left Monday, April 29, and is expected to arrive at Rady Children’s Hospital by Mother’s Day.

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If a transplant didn’t come in time, it was Brittany’s wish to be a donor.  Today two men in San Diego still have the precious gift of sight because Brittany said ‘Yes’ to donation.  Please consider signing up on this page to be an organ and tissue donor in Brittany’s memory.

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