Stories of Hope: Vicky Nguyen

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Shortly after Vicky Nguyen was born, she was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a potentially fatal liver condition. In 1986, just before she turned two, Vicky received her first liver transplant at UCLA Medical Center.

During her childhood and teenage years, Vicky did very well in school and participated in high school cross country and track and field. Unfortunately, her first liver transplant didn’t last as long as everyone hoped and 14 years later, at age 16, Vicky received a second liver transplant.

Growing up and living every day as a two-time liver transplant survivor has made Vicky passionate about helping people, and especially children affected by transplantation. She is also deeply passionate about the Donate Life mission and advocating for donor registration. As a Donate Life Ambassador, she has helped support legislation that would promote organ donation education in high schools; volunteered as a decorating supervisor for the Donate Life Rose parade float; and was named one of Donate Life America’s 12 Most Inspiring Women of 2012. “When you’re given two chances at life, you’re compelled to give back to the community and the world as much as you can,” said Vicky.

“Believe it or not, having two transplants was a huge blessing in my life,” said Vicky. “I don’t take for granted that I’ve been a liver transplant survivor for more than 26 years. I’m able to turn my challenges into greater opportunities.”

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