AAC Supports Earl – PKD Awareness

Earl Hopkins of American Addiction Centers (AAC) has spent much of his professional career saving the lives of others with the disease of addiction. Dealing with the stigma of chronic disease has been life-changing and a journey that he has been on for years. Now, Earl is on a mission to raise awareness about Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), a genetic disease that’s impacted both him and his family. Earl is in currently the stages of looking for a living donor for a kidney. AAC is doing what it can to help their family member get the donation of a lifetime with the “AAC Supports Earl” campaign.

“The goal here is to not only raise awareness of PKD and money to support finding a cure, but also to end the stigma surrounding the disease,” said Hopkins. “I deal with the stigma of addiction every day and I have handled that. Genetic diseases bring their own stigma with them and we need to push back against that.”

AAC supports Earl, his efforts to find a cure for this disease, and his search for a new kidney to save his life. Register as an organ & tissue donor below!

You can also learn more about Earl’s story and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) here.