Be the Bravest


Show me how big your brave is! Sign up. Be an Organ Donor. I am only one person but I still make a difference. I continue to fight as hard as ever. My mission is to educate anyone and everyone about organ donation; the importance and need for people to sign up as organ donors. There are 121,522 people currently waiting for an organ of various types.

Without organ donors many people will lose their lives. It is organ donors who save lives, like those lives of my father and my brother. Because someone cared enough, our family is alive today.

My best friend since high school is also a organ recipient; Thanks to organ donors I am so blessed to have her in my life. For the past three years I have been living on dialysis, waiting for a kidney, waiting for a donor to match me. Now I wait for my chance to make a difference in the world.

Every 11 minutes ONE more person starts down that long road of waiting.

I want to be a voice for all those who are waiting; give them hope that it will get better. We just need people like YOU to be organ donors.

Think about it! In those 11 minutes you think about signing up one more person is added to the list. Think about all the people young and old being brave waiting that wait; how brave are you?

 Give someone that second chance, save a life; sign up as an organ donor!




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