Carlsbad Marathon & Half

Donate Life shirts honor heroes who give life to others

Donate Life t-shirts honor heroes who give life to others

For 15 years, Lifesharing/Donate Life San Diego has been a proud beneficiary of the Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon.   As one of the original Charities in Motion, we are grateful for In Motion’s support of our unique mission to save lives in this region through organ and tissue donation.

Our life-saving partnership has encouraged people to get out and run, to walk when they thought it wasn’t possible, to underscore the healthy life possible after transplant and to celebrate the precious gift of life donors give.  Inspirational stories we’ve shared through the years include:

  • Christopher Truxaw, whose life has been more than doubled thanks to a heart transplant at age 13.  (His Mom Liz coordinates the volunteer efforts for our Carlsbad corner.)
  • Merle Manganiello walked two half marathons with her donor’s mom after her double lung transplant.
  • Justin Feria completed the Carlsbad Half nine months post heart transplant. Then did the Triple Crown a year later before training for the Arizona Ironman.

Thank you, In Motion.  Thank you, Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half. You have helped us raise funds and needed awareness, inspire hope, share stories of courage, honor heroes and encourage people to register as organ and tissue donors.

If you haven’t signed up yet to be an organ and tissue donor, please register today at the link below.  Thank you!  It takes only a minute to register and can mean a lifetime to someone else. It also allows your family to honor your wishes, not guess at what you would have wanted.

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