Connor Reid Eckhardt

Two Decisions… One abruptly robbed a life and shattered dreams; the other generously gave hope and life to many others; both decisions forever changed the people connected to Connor Reid Eckhardt.

eCampaign_003_ConnorReidEckhardt_101315Connor was born Oct. 19, 1994.  His charm, humor, charismatic personality, generosity and his love for God and his family left an indelible imprint on every person he touched.  Connor lived life all in with a heart wide open.  He loved surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and playing his guitar.  As a talented musician, singer and song-writer, Connor shared his life, challenges and successes through his music.

On July 16th, 2014 we had to say good bye to our precious 19 year old son, a brother, a grandson and to many, a best friend.  His tragic and untimely death will never be forgotten.  Connor lost his life from ONE HIT of a “legal” synthetic poisonous drug called spice.  Unfortunately when it was offered, Connor agreed and unknowingly made what ended up being a deadly decision.eCampaign_002_ConnorReidEckhardt_101315

Connor had made another decision though; the astounding selfless decision to be an organ donor.  Our final hours in the hospital with Connor were a tangled snare of crushing emotions.  We were filled with heart-breaking tragedy and being forced to say goodbye to our son and brother far too early in life.  And yet we were filled with pride in his wonderful decision to help others.

eCampaign_001_ConnorReidEckhardt_101315We will never forget watching the helicopters taking Connor’s organs away.  For us it represented the bitter loss of our beloved son.  But for others, it was a gift of life and what we knew represented hope of new life.  It was tragedy and beauty all at the same time.  Connor lives on eternally in heaven with Christ, but his legacy also lives on in the lives of the other people he helped through his gift of life.

We hope you will join us making the same selfless decision Connor made.   Leave a legacy by registering today to become an organ and tissue donor.  Give the gift of hope, life and another chance.