Meet our #FitStrongDonor Champions

A Message from the Heart

Corie thanks her donors with every beat of her heart. She was not expected to live past 5 months old – cardiomyopathy had enlarged her heart to twice the size of an adult’s. Now an active thirty something, she leads an independent, fulfilling life, thanks to two successful heart transplants and an unwavering commitment to healthy living.

“Thanks to the kindness of two individuals who said ‘YES’ to organ and tissue donation, my life was saved not once, but twice,” said Corie, who volunteers her time in the community inspiring others to register as organ and tissue donors. “I want my donor families to know that their loved one continues to live through my milestones and that I honor this gift every single day.”


Shining a Light on the Gift of Life

 “We must all fight for a long, full life… which means not giving in to comfort foods that can derail the journey. My donor inspires me to make healthy choices every day. We all have someone to be healthy for.” 

– Michael

After his liver cancer diagnosis in 2010, Michael Hampton waited on the transplant list for eight months before getting a life-changing phone call.

“Thankfully, my liver transplant went really smoothly,” said Michael, who vowed to eat a post-transplant diet rich in vegetables and lean proteins. “I strive to honor my donor by actively committing to a healthy lifestyle. Without such a generous gift, I would not be here to share my story.”

It’s a story that he tells almost daily, as Michael devotes countless hours advocating for more registered organ and tissue donors at health fairs, school presentations and faith-based gatherings. Thanks to Michael’s efforts with various non-profits in San Francisco, the Donate Life message is reaching new audiences. Witnessing the first-ever lighting of San Francisco’s City Hall in the Donate Life colors of blue and green is a milestone that Michael is especially proud of.

Ever mindful of the emotional journey of transplantation, Michael shares encouragement by visiting transplant support groups, taking patients to lunch and offering home support.

Corie and Michael thank you for registering as a donor. By taking a few minutes, you are giving hope to the thousands in need of lifesaving transplants right here in California.