Geoffrey Atkeisson

Geoffrey Atkeisson, born in Kansas, traveled around the world. He was a member of Class 2013 MBA from the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. During school time, Geoff discovered a love for supply chain management and data analytics. After graduation, Geoff moved to Japan and China and his work focused on developing forecasting models for customer demands.

Geoff found himself back to southern California again in summer 2016 to start his newly married life. Unfortunately, a small dissection in his carotid artery caused a stroke and led to an intracranial bleeding. Geoff’s passing was unexpected and organ donation was never discussed. Knowing Geoff was a loving and compassionate person, family decided to donate his gifts to people in need, and it was no surprise to find out that Geoff had registered to be an organ and tissue donor.

On September 15, 2016, less than one month before his 38’s birthday, Geoff became a hero of three families when he was able to donate his heart, liver and kidneys. His heart recipient is a father of four in his 50s. His tissue donation will enable more people to return to a normal life.

We take great pride in telling his story, “On the worst day of our lives, we found some comfort knowing there were other families cheering because of Geoff.” We want to continue to honor him on Donate Life Float in the Rose Parade. We hope Geoff’s story will inspire more people to register as donors.