Haylee’s PHight for Life

Haylee Lindsey (1)

Twenty-two year old Haylee Lindsey of Escondido was in the ‘PHight” of her life in the intensive care unit at UCLA Medical Center for 143 days.  (Why spelled with a ‘PH?’ Because she has been diagnosed with a debilitating disease called pulmonary arterial hypertension ‘PH’, which quadrupled the blood pressure in her lungs and doubled her heart size.)

She needed a heart and double lung transplant to survive, which she received in July 2014. Now she wants to help others on the waiting list by coordinating donor registration drives.

We hope you will click the link below to register as an organ and tissue donorin honor of Haylee and in memory of her life-saving donor. Organ and tissue donors truly are heroes.

You can learn more about Haylee’s journey and her bucket list in a recent article in UT-San Diego here.

Thank you for caring and for signing up to be a donor for someone someday.

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