Hope After Tragedy; Malaikye’s Legacy


Malaikye was a happy, vibrant, giggly little boy. He was a child with so much life and spirit within him. To see him laugh and smile moved my heart in a way that mere words can never express. To watch my son be a father was so moving.

Malaikye was a mere 16 months old when tragedy struck our family. He entered LAC+USC Medical Center and slipped into a coma from an alleged fall. For three days we anxiously awaited his recovery. This was not to happen. Instead, our beautiful little boy entered the Gates of Heaven. His death immediately went from being listed as accidental to a homicide. A heart wrenching reality for our family that someone was responsible for his death. In the darkest hour of my son Daniel’s life, he chose to donate his son Malaikye’s organs. Because of this selfless decision, Malaikye went on to save the lives of four people. His recipients ages range from 9 months to 65 years of age! We have received health updates and three are doing well; living a renewed sense of life.  Sadly, last month one of his recipients passed. We are grateful that because she received Malaikye’s organs she was able to extend her life by two and a half  years  dialysis free and made more memories with her family. Despite the tragedy of losing our little Malaikye, we take comfort in knowing that he was able to help many continue their life after his death. We didn’t realize at the time of his passing why God chose our little one at his young age. Eventually, God was faithful to reveal that to us. Malaikye was to be a Hero Donor to those in desperate need.

On February 25, 2014  our Fight for Justice came to an end. After 3 weeks of testimony, the jury returned a verdict of Guilty on both counts.  On April 9th, 2014 the murderer of our baby was sentenced to 25 years to Life and now sits in Prison. Through Malaikye’s  tragic death, it is my desire to share his story. He may only have been 16 months old, but his story is powerful and needs to be told. You see, his story is a story of Hope After Tragedy. It is a Hope that allows our family to continue to live our lives to honor his. It is important for me to share him with the world and put yet another beautiful face to the beauty of organ donation. We are blessed to share beautiful relationships with some of his recipients and their families. Witnessing their happiness and joy for life reminds us of the Miracle of Organ Donation.

Malaikye’s story continues to touch the lives of many people. His story is a painful reminder to hold your children tight and never take a moment for granted. Our faith remains unshaken because we know it is only by the Love, Grace and Mercy of God that we are able to see past our grief to see the light of another day without our precious Malaikye.

Malaikye’s legacy is that of giving the miracle of continued life to his recipients. I am grateful to God for giving me a voice to raise awareness of organ donation and the opportunity to cherish our children God places in our lives. Organ donation makes a difference in people’s lives. It takes a tragic loss of a little 16 month old child named Malaikye Thomas Payne and made it a miracle of life for others.

Join us in becoming an Organ and Tissue Donor in honor of Malaikye as a way to celebrate his life. You can be the one that God chooses to grant that Miracle someone is praying for.

Thank you my son Daniel and Malaikye for being a Hero to your recipients!
Rest in Paradise my beautiful grandson.


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