Jesse Cruz

AmbeCampaign_JessePhoto_022714Jesus Nicholas “Jesse” Cruz was born on February 5, 1990. Right from the beginning it was evident that his heart was as big as his smile. Throughout his childhood he was a student athlete and as he entered his teen years, he dedicated his life to maintaining a high GPA and the strict lifestyle that comes with being a wrestler. With hard work, he placed 5th at the California State Wrestling Championships. Finally out of high school, Jesse continued into higher education and gave back to his community by volunteering at his high school, Northview, and with the California Grapplers.

On September 18, 2010, while wrestling in his first tournament of the season for Rio Hondo Junior College, Jesse, collapsed on the mat. Despite the efforts, paramedics were unable to revive him. At the hospital, we were asked if we wanted to donate his corneas and tissue. Without hesitation we said yes because of a prior conversation with Jesse about being a donor. It was in his nature to be a person who gave back. Through his gift of donation, Jesse was given the ability to enhance people’s lives.

Jesse once wrote that he wanted to be remembered as an “honest, hardworking individual who was always willing to help out.” Currently, he is living up to his legacy. Jesse has touched and inspired many lives. Through his kindness and generosity, he will be forever in our hearts and we will continue to keep Jesse’s memory alive by bringing awareness to Organ and Tissue Donation.

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