Jesus Fernandez

Jesus_FernandezMy uncle was born April  4, 1974. I am so lucky to have been able to call him family because he was just such an amazing person with an amazingly big heart! Many looked up to him as a role model and to me he was my hero. Throughout his life, he was always willing to help anyone in need regardless if he knew them or not. My uncle was just such a giving person and always putting others before himself and always went out of his way to give a helping hand to others first.

On August 29, 2004 “Chuy”, as I called him, after a family gathering left on his bike which resulted in an accident  that led to his death on September 1, 2004. Never had my uncle expressed to us his opinion on becoming an organ donor but when the opportunity came up, we said yes together as a family. We made this decision together just based on the type of giving person Chuy was, we knew he would have loved to take advantage of the opportunity to help others. Not only did my uncle help people but he saved 3 lives! He gave 3 people the gift to have a second chance at living a healthy joyous life with their family!

Just like my uncle, you too can give the gift of life by registering to become an organ, eye and tissue donor. Today there are over 100,000 on the waiting list to receive a transplant. More precisely every day 18 people die because a transplant they waited for never came and about every 10 minutes a new name is added to the transplant waiting list. Anyone can make a difference and register to become a donor regardless of your age, gender and race. So please take into consideration registering to become a donor today!

My uncle will always be remembered as the person you could always count on and the person who saved others peoples’ lives! He is our hero and we are so proud of everything he did throughout his life and even after his passing! My uncle is a true role model and he will never be forgotten and will live on in all our hearts!

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