Melanie Miers

Hi there,

My name is Melanie and I had the privilege of donating my heart, liver, right kidney, left kidney, and pancreas. I was able to give the gift of life to four people (how gnarly), one of whom is my age. It all started with my 16th birthday. Turning sixteen was an exciting time for me because I knew I would soon have my driver’s license. I had asked my mom if it was okay with her that I put the pink dot on my driver’s license. My mom’s reply was “Well honey, it’s your body and if that’s what you want to do then it’s fine with me.” We talked a little more about it then went on to a different subject.

I was a very active teenager when I was in high school. I was on the water polo team, swim team, and track. I was also involved with my church and was to be the narrator of a play that we were putting on for our parents. Unfortunately, the day of the play I was lying in the hospital brain dead from a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting.

While my mother was standing by my bedside holding my hand a woman came into the room and asked my mom if she would consider organ and tissue donation. My mom said yes right away (even though in her mind she was saying NO! NO!). She said yes because she remembered the conversation we had earlier that week about me wanting to put the donate sticker on my driver’s license. I’m glad I mentioned that to my mom because it made a difficult decision a little easier for her. She now says it was the best decision I ever made and how it helps her knowing that part of me lives on in others.

Melanie Miers

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