Mitchell spread his angel wings and flew from earth on Monday, August 29, 2016. He was surrounded and visited by his loved ones and many members from his community during his final days in the SICU. He is survived by his mother and sister who he lived with. Unfortunate for his father, they have not seen one another in years.

Mitchell had turned 17 a couple of months prior. Without any effort of his own, he always had a lasting effect on those who met him. A quiet, reserved, and gentle soul, he had a great sense of humor and cared deeply for people and the world in every aspect.

He always had a fascination with bugs and would rescue or save them from harm as best he could. Though he had arachnophobia, he would still not want any harm to come to spiders of any kind – he simply freaked out and ran the other way. He had the highest admiration for ants and ant colonies. He gave a presentation on ants as an upcoming sophomore when enrolled in the Upward Bound program at USD and won the, “Most likely to be featured on TED Talk” certificate.

He attended the School of Engineering, Innovation and Design at Kearny High School and was always a stellar student who found interest in architecture and engineering and fairly recently wanted to focus on environmental engineering. He was known to be academically driven and a constant role model winning Student of The Year at Kit Carson Elementary during his only year in the PRYDE program in 5th grade.

As an avid participator in the AJROTC program, Mitchell was involved in Color Guard, the Armed Drill Team and the Academic Bowl Team. He quickly made his way up the ranks to Captain which was encouraged by the Colonel who recognized his qualities: respectful, respected, charismatic, honest, responsible, reliable, determined, focused, goal-oriented, selflessly committed, positive, full of energy, kind and caring – a true leader. Mitchell had an old, wise and gentle soul and is missed by all who had the pleasure of sharing a part of his life.

Mitchell had registered to be an organ and tissue donor.  In death he gave life to eight people.  If you’d like to sign up as a donor in his name, please click the link below.  Also consider sharing his special link on the state’s official organ donor registry at  Thank you.