Sonoma Alcaldesa Project

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Marcie Waldron’s 2015 Sonoma Alcaldesa Project:

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Goal – Increase Organ Donor Registration in Sonoma by 1,500 citizens. Our city of Sonoma can hold the record for the highest % of registered organ donors in the State.

Personal interest – This cause is near and dear to my heart (and new kidney). I’m alive today because I received a lifesaving kidney transplant 17 years ago.

Why this is a perfect project – It saves lives, it’s free, it’s not controversial, and it only takes a few minutes. Everyone can participate! Rich/poor, young/old, white/brown/black, Republican/Democrat, skinny/fat, and people of all faiths can register to be an organ donor.

Marcie Waldron, City of Sonoma’s 2015 Alcaldesa (Honorary Mayor). or (707) 935-7873