Renaye Fink

Renaye FInkMy name is Renaye Diann Fink and I received a double lung transplant in August 2011. My donor was also able to save at least five other lives through their gift. My transplant is the best thing I have ever received in my entire life – it gave me my life back!

I have a genetic disease, Alpha I, which I inherited from both sides of my family. My liver does not produce a certain protein and that is what caused my lungs to fail. I still have to receive a weekly IV to ensure these lungs do not get infected.

Prior to my transplant, I was on a high output oxygen concentrator 24 hours a day. I even had to use it when showering. I called my oxygen line my leash. My dogs had more freedom than I did. The month before my transplant, I was down to eight percent lung capacity and barely functioning.

It took six months for me to get on the transplant waiting list and another year and a half to receive the call that I might have a match for new lungs. The whole trip down to the hospital was a blur. I was walking within three days and released after only two weeks. I am now doing absolutely wonderful and have not been on oxygen since the surgery. I am able to see friends, go shopping, walk both of my big, fat basset hounds, shower with ease and so many other things that most people take for granted.

I am truly a blessed person to have received the gift of life from a family that did not even know me. I now appreciate every day and every person that has been so wonderful to me. I hope I am able to give back as much as I have been given.

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