Rich Hess

Rick_Hess_Pic2One day at a BBQ a “friend” offered me a taste of something, two years later when I awoke from that fateful mistake, I had lost everything my relationships, my house, and my health.  That little taste was meth.  That powerful drug took a god-fearing, and hard working family man to his knees.  My heart was destroyed and I was facing death at 34 years of age.

A heart transplant was my only option, but how could I qualify?  Even though I changed my ways, my condition only got worse.  Finally, a social worker explained to me that I could qualify for a transplant, but I would have to prove it.  After rigorous testing and exams I qualified and was placed on the waiting list.  Then, because someone was brave enough to be an organ donor I received my heart. By the grace of God and the strength of my wife who refused to accept anything but a positive outcome, I am alive and well.  I have been clean and sober for 8 years and I have had my new heart for two years.  A day does not pass that I don’t think of my donor and pray that his family finds peace knowing that he gave me life.

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