SARA Takes A Stand (WPFL)

We are proud to announce SARA’s new affiliation with The Workplace Partnership for Life (WPFL). This national initiative unites the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with the organ and tissue donation communities to spread the word about the importance of organ, eye, tissue, blood, and bone marrow donation.

The significance of organ donation was brought to our attention due to the urgent need of one of our own SARA family members. As the severity of this person’s health condition became known to us, we wondered what we could do to help or make a difference in their situation. Educating others about the need for organ donation and how we can ALL make a difference seemed to be the best answer.

This person needs a kidney, and without one their health condition is certain to continue to decline. They are currently on the transplant waiting list and have had several people volunteer to be tested for a live organ donation but haven’t found a match yet. More people on the donor lists means more potential matches. This is really more than an initiative – it is a life!

We hope that by sharing this with you, that you will consider the impact you can make and be encouraged to register as an organ donor…and perhaps go on to encourage others too!