Seniors Can Be Heroes, Too

Ann For WebSometimes people don’t register to be an organ and tissue donor because they think they are too old or too sick. But the chances are very good that they can still help someone as a donor.  The oldest donor we’re aware of was 110 years old.  The oldest recipient was 109.

Seniors definitely  make a difference in the lives of others as a donors!

Ann (pictured above) had an only child whose life was saved 8 years ago by a young man named Mario. Mario had signed up to be a donor at the DMV in Chula Vista, CA and died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm.  As a donor this hero saved the lives of two people and helped others with the gift of tissue.  Ann was so grateful for the precious gift of life her son received, but thought she couldn’t be a donor  because of her age and health. She was thrilled to learn she still could help others as a donor.  And she did.

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