chrissyIn January of 2006 my beautiful daughter passed away. Chrissy was here only 16 years, but lived beautifully while she was here. She was truly one who lived to benefit others. Chrissy stood up and gave voice to the things she believed in. She spoke up for the ones she felt were voiceless; troubled friends, animals, and the environment. She aspired to be a Psychologist. Chrissy said she wanted this because she often struggled with the cruelty she saw around her. This girl wanted to help others who struggled in a sometimes cruel world. She wanted to help others see the beauty that exists around them, the way she learned to see it…in a sunrise, the evening shadows, spring’s first daffodils. Before her passing, we had talked about organ donation and what a gift it would be to give and receive. So in her death, Chrissy did what she always did. She gave…and grandmother remained with her 6 grandchildren, and a young woman was able to marry the love of her life. Those of us who knew Chrissy miss her everyday, but are filled with gratitude BECAUSE she was here.