Daisha Rose


For me it came in the form of a little blonde hair, blue-eyed girl named Daisha Rose. Only daughter to my brother Andre, only granddaughter to my mother Erika, and my only blood-related niece and child I could help raise/encourage, as I have none of my own. Over a year ago she was tragically taken away from us all too soon.

It still hurts not to look into those big beautiful eyes, hear her laughter, see her smile, enjoy all the things about her that were challenging but also endearing. Recently another gift came in the form of two letters and a photo. Emily is the young girl who received Daisha’s heart. After some struggle with rejection, she has been given her life back. She can play and enjoy a somewhat normal life.

Heart Sisters! That’s what Emily wrote in her letter about Daisha.During Christmas she bought a special ornament consisting of hugging teddy bears, one with the letter “E” and the other a ”D” on it. My brother has spoken on the phone to Emily’s mother and I think there will be many more conversation. Now my heart is glad!

If you’d like to register to be a donor in Daisha Rose’s memory, please click the link below if you live in California. To sign up as a life-saving organ and tissue donor in another state, visit http://donatelife.net/

We also hope you will like her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DaishaRoseMills