Joseluis Cruz

eCampaign_JoseLuisCruzI am the oldest of 5 siblings, 4 sisters, and 1 brother. My one and only brother Joseluis Cruz was spoiled by all of his sisters, and especially his parents. He had 3 kids who he worked hard for to give them what they need. Joseluis was not only a father to his own kids, but also a father to my kids who father passed away 8 years ago, and also a father to my other two nephews who father disappeared from their lives. My brother believed that family always came first, and did everything to see everyone happy. He was always there when we needed him, and other people commented on what a beautiful relationship we all had. Not only did he have one mother, to all of us sisters he was all our baby boy since he was the youngest.

In late 2012, I received a call that I would have never imagined happening to us. All I remember was the sound of my sister screaming and yelling telling me that our brother was shot. After that call I got in my car and rushed to the hospital where I found my sisters and parents going crazy not knowing anything about my brother’s condition. As we all sat in “the room” a neurologist walked in telling us that my brother was shot in the head and there was only 5% chance of him making it, and if he did he would be in a vegetated state of mind. As the time passed we were able to go in my brother’s room where he laid looking so relax. To us seeing our brother the way we did was the worst experienced ever. We hugged him, kissed him, and prayed so much for a miracle. The next day a doctor came and told all of us that unfortunately my brother was pronounced brain dead, however they needed to run other test to confirm the diagnosis.eCampaign_JoseLuisCruz_2

On December 1st, 2012, after all the test done to my brother in our presence, my brother was pronounced brain dead. As we sat in shock, crying our hearts out, a OneLegacy representative walked in and asked to speak to all of us. My parents already knew what it was for and refused to speak or listen. Finally, my parents sat down and we were asked about donating my brother’s organs. It was so hard hearing that especially after knowing that our baby boy was gone. Of course, my parents said “NO” because it was something my brother did not want, however we siblings asked to be left alone with our parents to talk about it. We sat and cried together, then we talked about organ donation. We asked our parents, “if at this time all my brother needed to live was an organ, would you want it?” “If anyone of us needed an organ to survive would you want someone to give your child an organ?” Their response was, “of course”. At that time we all decided to give others an opportunity in life with my brother’s organs. He saved 5 lives, and fortunately we had the opportunity to meet one of my brother’s kidney recipients.

Although, our baby is gone he continues to live in others, and that is why we all decided to be organ donors and speak to others about the lives they can save by being donors. We will dedicate everything we do in the Donate Life Ambassador program in memory of my brother and we hope to change other peoples mind about being donors.

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