Live On, Drive On!

Live On Drive On


Since the first day the car was invented, somebody has been trying to modify it. Change the motor here, disc brakes, swap out a rear end there. . .it’s a car culture thing.
When a car has seen its last day on the asphalt, many times the perfectly good parts are used in other projects. Projects that might not have had a chance without a donor car.
People are the same way, when a loved one passes, they can give the Ultimate Gift of Horsepower . . . the Gift of Life.

Ever run with no oil pressure and hear the rods knocking? That’s what it feels like to a patient waiting on a heart transplant.

Try driving in the dark with no headlights, even your cornea’s can provide sight to somebody who can’t see the chrome shine on a 57 Chevy.

Signing up to be a donor means that when you’ve cruised your last mile, somebody else might get a chance to run down the strip again.




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