Did you know that there are more than 120,000 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. There are 21,000 patients currently on the waiting list in California alone! Due to a lack of donors, 18 patients die every day awaiting a second chance at life.

The need in our multicultural communities is great. Nationwide, minorities represent 54% of organ transplant candidates and more than 60% of those awaiting kidney transplants. In California, Latinos make up 35% of those waiting for life-saving transplants, Asians/Pacific Islanders 16%, and African Americans another 14%. Nearly 75% of those waiting for a kidney transplant are people of color. Nationwide, African Americans comprise 12% of the total population, but represent 35% of kidney transplant candidates. This high proportion is due to a higher incidence of diabetes and hypertension.

In 2006, the DMV discontinued the pink dot sticker that had previously appeared on licenses of donors in favor of a state registry system. Now if you want to designate yourself as a donor, you must either register online or indicate “Yes!” next time you renew your driver’s license.

Taking a couple minutes to register as an organ and tissue donor can mean a lifetime to someone else. Thank you!

High concentration of Azithromycin in infected tissues is also caused by the fact that phagocytes and macrophages transport it to the site of infection and release in the area of inflammation. Azithromycin is prescribed in case of illness or injury at the time.