Stories of Hope: Geary McKoy

Geary McKoy - Kidney Recipient - photo credit Torin La Day

In April 2000, following a physical to qualify for life insurance, Geary McKoy was diagnosed with kidney disease. For the next several years, his kidney function deteriorated and his quality of life changed dramatically.

“My health had an impact on my professional and personal life. Being a sales manager for a Fortune 100 Company, I was required to travel and work long hours.” The many toxins in his blood stream caused extreme fatigue and on most days found himself exhausted and ready to retreat for a nap by mid-afternoon.

With his failing health, Geary was forced to go on dialysis and over time, his quality of life diminished because of the frequency and the time required for the treatments. Finally, after nine months on dialysis, Geary received the news he’d been waiting for – a kidney had become available.

“My life and prospects for life are so different now. I look forward to the second half of my life and helping others, investing my time sharing my story, being an activist for Donate Life, and helping others through my church activities. In addition, I am now able to run, exercise, and go on vacation freely without dialysis.”

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