Paul Moine

Hello, I am Paul Moine:

I suddenly died in January 2013.  I went to work, I am glad I kissed my wife Trish of 40 years of marriage.  While at work I began to feel dizzy and called Trish because I was to meet her for a Doctor’s appointment.

“I feel dizzy perhaps I should not be driving.”  That was the last time I spoke to my wife.  As it turned out I had a brain bleed right by the brain stem.  I was declared brain dead 3 days later.  Although Trish and I did not really talk about being an organ donor, my wife Trish started to ask questions to the One Legacy people at the hospital and her questions were answered. Trish talked to our three grown and married children and they all told her “Dad was healthy why not make him an organ donor.” I really did not want to leave yet God determined I had done all that He planned for me and it was time to move to heaven.  Yet in leaving earth I became an organ donor.

This began the journey that Trish choose and I am glad she did.  As it turns out, both of my Kidneys are in people about my age 64, and my left lung is in a person around 70.

I was able to donate skin, bone and tissue.

Even though I was older I donated what I could to help others.  If you think you are too old to donate let a doctor decide what you can donate.  You never know!

I hope and pray that you too will make the decision to donate your organs upon your death.  Better yet why not be a living donor.  The wait for kidneys in my state is very long.

What would you do? I am happy that I am helping others to live full lives.

Think about it, you can make a difference in others.  Please become an organ and tissue donor and click the link below to register TODAY!

I know my wife Trish misses me very much and my family as well yet they know I am alive in three people through skin, bone and tissue donation.

Enjoy life,


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