Ran Hur

eCampaign_RanHur_113014Before I start, let me say this right off the bat. I have no direct connection with any organ donor or receiver. I first became acquainted with the organization at a school club. At first, it was just another club that gave me easy volunteer hours. I knew what organ and tissue donation was but it never really impacted me in any way. But once I began to participate in Donate Life activities like the Rose Parade and Donate Life Run/Walk, I got to meet several people whose lives have been impacted by the Donate Life community, whether it be being acquainted with a donor or a receiver, or being the receivers themselves.

At that moment, I saw the POWER of organ and tissue donation – it had the POWER to save lives. Giving another person their organs means much more than just transplant; it means giving that person a second chance to live. It doesn’t matter whether you have a connection to a donor or not. It’s a matter of being willing to give another person life, to transform it. So consider becoming a donor today, impacting somebody else’s life.

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